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I went to the drugstore earlier today to get Benadryl and calamine lotion... we went up north this weekend and I got bitten by bugs. I have a few red clustery patches on the back of one leg, and a few in other spots. Ugh until I got the Benadryl and calamine I was going crazy. It's still itchy, but it's feeling better.

I had today off, it's my 3-day weekend. I had no plans, and wasn't on the internet yet, I had a nice few quiet moments in the garage, thinking about how I would arrange stuff. I had been placing things, like tools, the lawnmower, my bike and and other stuff around the perimeter, but I want to be more efficient and hang some stuff off the floor so that I don't have to lean over something to get something else out. One side has a workbench, there are 3 windows, so I can't decide where to hang the garden tools. Not like it's a pressing issue, but it was nice to do nothing this morning and clear my head, to just enjoy the moment instead of rushing through.

I went out on my bike, it's been raining on and off throughout the day. I was delayed a bit at the mall because it was pouring down rain when I wanted to leave. I sat and waited, then realized I could go get the rest of the stuff I needed to make chili, so then I did that and it wasn't raining and so I went home.

Mr. Kitten is still being kept away in his bedroom. I let him out for a few hours at a time when I'm watching TV, puttering around the house, or when I'm trying to sleep in. I have let him out at 7am and gone back to bed, just to have some peace and quiet, which doesn't really work, because he comes and plays and how can I sleep through that?

Well I have put some veggie chili in the crockpot, and I think I will head out again on my bike, maybe shopping, maybe to just bike around.

Ugh I didn't watch any Coronation St. last week, I will have to sit down and watch a few tonight on the PVR.


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