May. 18th, 2017

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Monday night, I had food poisoning. Whatever I ate for dinner, I guess the particular Teriyaki Experience wasn't careful with their food handling. I had tofu and rice. I had a bit of the runs, then finally brought up my dinner (then my lunch, then my breakfast) and felt better and left work. I stayed at work for a couple of hours in case I had to poop urgently and that wouldn't be possible on my 50 min transit ride home. I did take a taxi after I puked. I called in sick the next day because I felt awful. After some Gatorade I felt better but I didn't really feel 100%-ish until yesterday (Wed.)

Other than that, life is good. James keeps adding more words. We just met with the funded speech therapist, and she says he is still behind, but okay, and she gave us more tips.

Brendan still is looking for a job. He did a Chyron course in the US, in New York state. He worked a week of temp work which could have turned into full time, but sadly it didn't.

I had some vivid weird dreams again last night. Brendan and I were living in a university residence. WTF with the school dreams.

The weather just got hotter. It went from 15C to 27. :O


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