Aug. 25th, 2011

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So this week is going considerably better than last week. No more itch!!!

At work, several people are on vacation, so i am working with some people i don't normally work that closely with, and it's been a fun week.

My digestive system is giving me grief, good thing i have a bowel specialist appt on monday. Hopeffully he is ready for my Rose Nyland style way of explaining things. My problems go back 20 years, guess i'll play it by ear as to what he needs to know from me.

My memory is getting shocking again lately, when we go somewhere far, I hold up my hands to Brendan and say "if I ask later, i have left my jewellery at home" in case I forget where mys rings are and panic. Maybe all i need is to book my vacaton time; maybe i need a neurologist. It'll be a year in Nov since I got a concussion. (and yes, i had to ask Brendan about that.)

Sorry about the crap typing, i am on Brendan's ipad, we are going to see a band in ottawa


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