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So I went to church again today - we were planning on going to Manitoulin Island midweek, but the boyfriend said that there were no music jam things organized amongst his cousins, and I wanted to stay home & finish sewing and painting stuff, so we decided not to go.

So I don't know if I have put anyone's nose out of joint because I go early, and pick a seat up front. If that's anyone's regular seat, oops. Two old ladies in their 80s sat beside me. The James Taylor soundalike guy was playing music again, he must be subbing in for someone else because the organ guys played for that timeslot, I thought. But I think it's all mixed up because of the summer, because I'm pretty sure I saw a choir lining up to sit down one week.

The ladies beside me said "are you new?" and introduced themselves, as Sister something, I immediately forgot their names. Yay! I wanted to start meeting people, and I'm glad someone noticed I was new... well noticed in a positive way.

I had been meaning to go to Scarborough Town Centre. It's the closest thing to a Square One that is close by. There are other malls, but they don't have everything I want in one place.

So after church, I went. I found all the places I will likely be shopping at. I made mental notes as to where things were.

Then I started missing Square One a lot. I mean, I know where everything is there. I also still miss going for walks near where I used to live in Mississauga. There was a lake a few streets south of my apartment building, and a river heading north, and my apartment was in between the two, making for nice places to go for a walk.

I'm trying to get acclimatized to this area, going for walks and trying to get used to the streets and neighborhoods around here, hopefully I can go regularly enough so that I know where I'm going :) But somehow the Mississauga walks keep popping into my mind if I let my mind wander. I mean not all the time. Often enough that I am reminded to get out and see the neighborhood, maybe that's a good thing?

The kitten is wearing on my nerves. If he hears us go by, he starts his pitiful meowing. I showed him to my 2 cats again this afternoon, and they didn't run away, but Bella started growling :O
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