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So we took Mr. Cat to the vet to scan for a microchip - none. They confirmed he is indeed a Mr.

I found a cat rescue organization that among other methods, places cats in Petsmart store displays so they can be adopted. My heart always breaks when I see them and read their little life stories. So I'll be glad if this fellow ends up there and getting adopted - I think it's less pressure for people to only see 8-10 cats at a time and not in a shelter setting, less intimidating.

This organization asks that you foster the cat till it can be adopted - easy enough for us to do, so it works out well for us all.

Only thing is, prospective adoptive owners will have to come to the house to see him. I'll have to get this joint cleaned up. There are tools and paint cans all over the kitchen and dining room, and just general disarray of everything not in its place. They'll arrive to see the cat, not me, but you can barely walk around some areas haha.

I am getting close to finished with the dining room. It's been the most difficult, because we "inherited" a few pieces of furniture from the previous owners. They asked beforehand, and left us the dining room table, chairs, sideboard and china cabinet. I liked the sideboard, but lol I have nothing to put in the china cabinet, maybe I'll find something ironic or something in an antique store. Anyhow, these pieces of furniture are massive and everything is in the house now, so emptying the room would be a hassle I figured. So I moved these items out 2-3 feet from the wall and I'm painting in that space. It's just a clutter of furniture and tools but almost done!!!!

I tried to do painting before we moved in, I got the 3 bedrooms done, and the bathroom and kitchen before we moved out of our apartment, but the living and dining room had to wait till recently.
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