May. 7th, 2017

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Today I did some gardening. I mowed the lawn and did some edging around the lawn.

Last week, I worked on the area where the massive deck used to be. The soil left underneath, was sloping TOWARDS the house, so I was afraid that the water might run in towards the house when it rained. Our basement no longer floods anymore, but it is a little damp, and every little bit helps, to keep it dryer. So I was digging up the soil, to do 2 things: re-grade it a bit so it sloped away from the house, and dig up the weeds that like to grow now that there is no deck. I ended up deciding to sow grass in the 4 foot strip closest to the rest of the lawn. I want to get the grass growing ASAP so I have less weeding to do. On the rest of the area, we will put in patio slabs or something. So I didn't re-grade it 100% the way I wanted, because the part near the existing grass had to be roughly the same height. So the grass isn't growing yet.

I removed the grass closest to the house, a 2" strip or so, the part that the lawnmower can't reach. Usually people have a weed whacker or something, but I decided, if the lawnmower can't reach it, I am going to get rid of it.

I emailed 2 surveyors and one answered. I am going to go with him, email him to tell him that he has the job, tomorrow. I want to survey the lot so that we put the new fence on our property. The fence will be 6 feet high (the max it can be in our city) and it will be between what will become our patio, and the neighbor's driveway. When we moved in, we discovered quickly that our deck, was like a stage, that the neighbor and other people across the street, could see when we were eating. So that kind of sucked. So the deck was finally torn down last summer and I want to put in a fence, and we will finally then have a space where we can do family stuff without everyone looking.

Once the fence goes in, I can start putting in flowers. We have 2 shrubs, one is a flame spirea that is almost dead. The other is a yellow flowering shrub. They are now both in the middle of the yard due to their location beside the deck. So they will be moved to beside the fence or somewhere like that, but it's best to move them in the fall. I think the yellow flowering one is the only one that will survive the move. Once we know where the property line is, then I can move some other perennials. I think that our yard contains about 12 inches of the neighbor's property - that the existing fence is in the wrong spot. I don't want to replace the fence yet, and freak out the neighbor (she's weird and set in her ways) however I will get some lumber and make an edging where our property ends for future reference - so that when she moves out, we can get a fence right on the property line or just inside it, etc. and I won't have to move any shrubs or flowers that I wanted to keep. Anyhow it's pointless to plant anything before the fence goes in. I intend for the fence to just be on our side of the property line so she can't say anything.

There was a property line stake, kind of an ugly 3 foot long angle iron stake, beside our deck, and the neighbor has since pulled it out :/ Hopefully she does not pull out anything that the surveyor puts in this time.

Brendan was gone for about a week. He left last Saturday and returned this past Friday. James asked about him maybe every 2nd day. Now that Brendan's back, James has stopped eating. He is drinking his bottles, peeing and pooing. However we would be thrilled if he would start eating again. I think he is overly stressed about the changes, with Brendan being away. I am sure he will settle down soon.


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