Jul. 29th, 2011

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well I spoke with the volunteer shelter person yesterday, she told me that in order for the kitten to be listed to be adopted, he needed shots, deworming & flea treatment, also he needed to be fixed. He's probably too young for that. It needed to be done at a few specific vet clinics, for the cost to be covered by the shelter - well what happened is I made a $30 donation, and the clinic will do it for that price... which is probably a $100 cost at the local clinic, so well worth it. It was annoying this morning, figuring the wonky way of payment, but I did it and they have set up an appointment for us tomorrow - which is amazing because I was annoyed at the prospect of having to go before work. I work evenings, so I can't go after work. I take transit, so it takes more time to get from A to B.

Anyhow it's scheduled for tomorrow, which is perfect! The shelter has assigned him the name of "Rags", my boyfriend calls him "Bud" which is the nickname of the person who used to own the house before we bought it in the spring.

I let Bud cuddle up to me for awhile, then put him back in his room. Then Ezra came looking for cuddles... everyone has to wait their turn now!


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